10 google products that failed

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10 google products that failed. Google is one of the giant technology companies. In today's modern technological world, with a variety of Google products and features facilities often used by Internet users. In order to always survive as the market leader in the world of information technology, Google did a lot of innovations to provide many options for the fans. Partially successful, but not infrequently also a failure, innovate in a new feature is not always easy having to deal with a variety of other features of large enterprises as well as star-up of small companies.

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To find out what Google product that fails we show the following list.

1. Google Wave

This service is the first time you launch is projected to replace facebook as a social media site with the full support of other Google features such as Gmail, YouTube, Google makes the increasingly jumawa that Google Wave will be a success. But what can I say, to subvert something that has a strong grip is not easy, as Google Wave experience. This application can not survive and eventually disappear.

2. Google Answers

Google Answers is a Google product that is similar to Yahoo Answers, Google Answers as the name suggests is the question the members jawabanu Google. but either because overshadowed by Yahoo answer because overshadowed or with Google products as the main search engine, this product is not made significant progress.

3. SearchWiki, Knol, and Sidewiki

All three are Google product that can accommodate all the literatures and internet users need accurate information. The concept of the three products is similar to Google that Wikipedia already exist, but the three products could not compete with Wikipedia is already deeply embedded in the hearts of internet users who are looking for reference information.

4. Google Notebook and Shared Stuff

Initially Google Notebook and Shared Stuff targeted to users who need a variety of needs on the document. However, because of many things, both these products do not get a positive response from internet users, the two products eventually merged into glittering product called Google Docs and Google Reader Google. Google then also merged into Google Drive that provides file storage cloud computing.

5. Google Buzz

As with its predecessor Google products, the first product launched in the publish even this much curl up and be successful. Google Buzz itself is an instrument of social integration that connects a variety of features such as buttons twiter and facebook, it looks like Google is trying to 'friendly' with the magnitude of the two competitors. But what can I say Google Buzz also suffered a similar fate, collapsed and closed. Was launched on February 9, 2010 in 2011, then Google Buzz officially closed.

6. Google Video

As the name implies Google Video is one of the Google products that specialize in video services. This product was launched in 2005 before Google acquired YouTube. Google is initially launching this product in order to compete in the segment of video services such as Google Video Youtube but it turns out not be as successful as Youtube, Google finally decided to buy Youtube compared with having to develop and bring up Google Video. Google bought YouTube for a price of USD 1.65 billion, a price which is still small compared to the benefits that Google can get after the magnitude Youtube now.

7. Jaiku

Jaiku is not purely the result of the development of Google's products, but products result from the acquisition in order to succeed in class social networking and micro-blogging. This product was originally developed by duo Jyri and Petteri Koponen in 2006. Inspiration Jaiku name comes from the name of a Japanese haiku is a word that means a short poem. Google then acquire it in 2007, but as the development can not be successful Jaiku and sunk by the greatness twitter, Jaiku was forced to be closed on January 15, 2012.

8. Dodgeball

As is the case with other Google products Dodgeball was a product of the acquisition, original founder Dennis Crowley was established in 2005 in conjunction with the year I had bought Dodgeball. But after joining Dodgeball instead of progressing but even stagnant, Dennis Crowley, who founded Dodgeball had only lasted 2 years after struggling with headaches himself against stagnant after Google bought Dodgeball. Then Dennis Crowley decided to come out of Google and founded Foursquare, a successful and growing different with Dodgeball.

9. Google Print Ads and Google Radio Ads

As the name implies Google products is engaged in advertising, but the difference is Google targeting the print ads for the Google Print Ads and Google Radio listeners for Ads. The purpose of this field is expansion out Google hopes to be able to get a larger market share compared with the online market alone. But apparently Google's fortunes in the print media and radio is not as big in the online world.

10. Google Lively

The concept is similar to the online gaming world where members can interact with each other through a 3D avatar, I tried to create an online community on this one product so that the user can interact as if living in a virtual world. But whether because of the many similar concepts or other product because it was officially closed on December 31, 2008 after previously enduring to one semester.
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