Legend of Santa Claus

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Legend of Santa Claus. Sinterklaas legend appearing on thousands of years ago. God of war in northern European legend, during the winter, horse riding eight-legged sprint to the end of the sky over the ocean, punishing evil and praise good, hand out presents. At the same time, her son is the God of Thunder is dressed in red with a lightning bolt as a weapon to fight with all the snow gods in the darkness of the night, which ended with the victory.

Legend of Santa Claus

There is also a legend that says that Sinterklaas comes from St. Nicholas, Sinterklaas therefore also called St. Nicholas, because these stories are mostly rekindle the spirit of Christianity, place of origin, have forgotten most of the storyline, but instead Sinterklaas eternal in the spiritual world a lot of people. Every year at Christmas, Santa Claus riding in the constellation Aries, the boy holding the sacred evergreen tree (Christmas tree) down to the human world, but along with changes in human life, authors and artists began to depict the form of Sinterklaas became Santa Claus dressed in red and white beard that we know it today.

Simultaneously there is also a different explanation of the different countries and cultures. The origins of Sinterklaas in Germany based on the story of the god Woden (from here also that the term 'Wodenesday' or the day of Woden, where we call it Wednesday (on Wednesday). Woden important for the residents in the place we now know as Germany and the the ancient Teutons, in addition to the British people. Woden, who was a figure in history, described in mythology as a white horse through the air, with a dressing robe flutter. He has a long white beard and a big hat kerana He is also believed to have wisdom, and he brought a book in his hand.

Santa Claus is dressing a saint who put the hard-skinned fruits and apples in the children's shoes. He was driving a hansom traveling in all directions, the attitudes and behavior of people, especially children, when showing good behavior, will get a prize of an apple, hard-skinned fruit, candy and a host of other prizes. While the children are bad behavior will only get the whip. This is what inspires parents to use the legend as the driving spirit of the children.

In Italy, Santa Claus figures emerge from stories about a witch called Befana. He gets the job of angels to give a gift to the Lord Jesus when Jesus was born, like the Magi, but due to negligence, it comes too late. Therefore Befana punished every year before the birth of Jesus, he had to give a gift as much as possible to the little children who can not afford. This belief is shared by many people, so the religious leaders in Italy took the decision that the trust is transferred to Sinterklaas. This was the beginning of a belief that Santa Claus is always giving gifts to the children.

In the Netherlands, Santa Claus recognizable as Santa Claus. Sinterklaas is a Bishop who wear hats and have a record book that good deeds and sins. He has a shepherd's crook and a white horse at the top of the tube-tube. Sinterklaas has a servant named Black Peter. In the Netherlands, the children sing songs around the chimney to Santa Claus. Black Peter heard above the chimney to determine at any children's singing the right songs and provide appropriate gifts for horse Sinterklaas, which Karot and Straw. The gifts were then given to the children through the chimney.

When Dutch colonialists arrived in the Americas, they also brought along their bishop Sinterklaas, kasaya pictured wearing red, and riding a white horse. Sinterklaas recent American figure gradually became a wise Sinterklaas. Initially, the American author Washington Owen in the comedy drama (History of New York) depicts Santa Claus as a Dutch grandfather fat and round. In 1823, the poet Clement Moore poem and song "The impression St.Nicholas" dramatize the figure Saint Nicholas, that's Grandpa Christmas (Santa Claus). In the 1960 cartoon film producer Thomas Nash to paint a grandfather Christmas (Santa Claus) is welcoming and fat as an illustration.

Along with the passage of time, the figure of Sinterklaas spread to all corners of the world. A large number of countries also keep legends associated with it. Sinterklaas from France named Father Christmas or Pere Noel, Sinterklass from Switzerland called Christkindl or Christ Child, and Sinterklaas from England named the same as the French are Father Christmas, figure Sinterklaas is more solemn than the other, a little thinner. And Sinterklaas of North America is driving a reindeer that pull the sleigh handing out gifts.
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